“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” - Max Planck

Dialogue BEYOND "the bubble"

During the last few years, we have encountered many inspirational "freethinkers" who have offered us new insights and perspectives. What unites all these professionals, colleagues and friends is their dedication to critical thinking, their willingness to engage in open and constructive dialogue with others, and their shared belief in humanistic values and a passionate desire to make a positive difference, beyond themselves.

We are convinced that only by staying in dialogue, engaging with liminal perspectives and diverse worldviews, will be able to master the challenges of our times. We believe in a need to deeply and collectively examine ourselves and the (organisational) world we live, in order to continually develop our consciousness and find true purpose in thriving interdependence with each other.

Here we want to offer thoughtful opinions and fresh insights of remarkable freethinkers and create opportunities to engage in structured learning and joint discussion, to enable a global community of learners. Thank you for joining in!

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Jul, 2021
An open space for radical dialogue about individual and organisational transformation, and to connect changemakers everywhere.
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Jul, 2021
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If you would like your own articles to be included or if you know of other important freethinkers, please do get in touch via our contact form.

Traditional LEADERSHIP (DEVELOPMENT) has Failed!

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LEVEL 2: TRANSFORMING our organisations

Traditional organisations are suffering machines!

how organisational vitality can become a reality


Traditional Capitalism IS DEAD

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#freethinkers AND COMPANIONS OF TRAVEL (NOT-50) 

Welcome to our very subjective "alternative selection" of global freethinkers and changemakers who we follow and cherish.

We have found all these thought leaders, colleagues and friends special - in as much as they share a hopeful belief in a "good" humanity, are willing to unselfishly walk the extra mile to stimulate and engage in a necessary dialogue about important questions of our time - unafraid to add a critical voice whenever needed, and embody the importance of personal and collective development. And, maybe, because the beauty of their souls just shows - shifting the constellations they touch to a higher level of energy. Please found our evolving "honor list" below, indicating the specific field we believe each freethinker is contributing to.

We THANK YOU all for your contribution to our collective "co-elevation" and co-development in the service of life...


A-E  [please click on each crystal for information - on the picture for gallery view]

Postscriptum: Just in case the irony was not evident...

Oh yes, did we mention that we do not believe in ratings and rankings? I guess the Freethinkers will never be 50, or any other specific number. Why would they? The title is meant as an implied (subtle) critique of similarly named enterprises that create scarcity where there is - and should be - none. 

On the contrary, may there be an ever growing number of connected thinkers to take everybody on a journey towards true freedom - through self-reflective, critical thinking and compassionate development in the service of life! Multiply and proliferate! "Sed fortasse liber animo!", said Seneca...

who are the freethinkers - and how to join

A Special Recognition: Role Models in Our Community

"Good" Freethinkers are meant to be, above all, role models for "Freethought" - which is an epistemological viewpoint that holds that beliefs should not be formed on the basis of authority, tradition, revelation, or dogma, but instead be reached by logic, reason, deliberation and empirical observation. Freethinkers, ideally, are curious, and open to encourage their integrative cognitive processing. Thus, in addition, we propose two more qualities for freethinkers in this section: connectedness and dialogue.

It Takes One to Know One: Growing by Connection

There is only one way to be added to the list of Freethinkers: by being recommended by another Freethinker. We believe that change in society occurs by crafting meaningful connections between people, and that people themselves are the best judges for "who is a good fit". That said, we are creating an editorial board for the Freethinkers who will revise any suggestions and recommendations and ensure a (tiny) degree of coherence in the way we are growing the list. The editorial board can also put forward names. Any recommendation is automatically approved, if not objected by at least two existing Freethinkers within 2 weeks of the proposal.

A Community of Action: Why Should I Be on the List

Our intention for the Freethinkers is twofold -

  • Firstly, we would like to actively promote the thoughts of the Freethinkers within the community. For example, any addition of articles on our website will be actively promoted also through social media and flagged to all the subscribers of the page, as well as the community itself. 
  • Secondly, we would like to enable the Freethinkers to collectively "emerge" new thinking. Therefore, we will stake regular "Freethinkers' Corner" dialogues on hot topics where we will engage any members of the Freethinkers community to share their thoughts with each other and with the interested public. The twist is that we will create a list of topics, with input from the community, and any Freethinker who feels happy to engage in any subject has a guaranteed "slot" for the discussion. This is your platform and whenever you are happy to engage, the "floor is yours". 
Beyond that, we will also seek to continuously leverage and integrate the thinking of the Freethinkers into our wider narrative - which should become the basic not only for the "living book" but also for interacting with policy makers and business leaders in our "Salons". 

Finally, we will also attempt to position the Freethinkers movement across a number of forums and media in case it becomes an engaged network that collectively enables change. Here, of course, we will also hope for the engagement of some of the members who have already have prominent positions in academy, consulting and media themselves.