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A Better Economy
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Many, especially younger colleagues, are no longer willing to submit themselves to heartless “suffering machines” that recklessly deplete systemic
aliveness and ignore their shared accountability for humanity.

To change the reality of these people's lives, we need a movement of people with different experiences and expertise. You can be part of it too...

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Better Organisations
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What makes a good organisation?

Join us on our journey to craft “good organisations ” in the 21st century combining values and agility, societal responsibility and commercial viability at scale.

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Leaders for humanity
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Leaders must make a choice: either we continue as
before, crushing human and organisational potential or we courageously seek to “re-think” the way we do business.

Only with a new understanding of leadership can people flourish in their work. Be courageous and become a better leader.


Do you know a good organisation that we can learn from? Do you know someone who works there? Can you help with trying to get more information? Join our global hunt for good organisations! Check the 10 criteria for good organisations here: 

In collaboration with Fuqua School of Business, DUKE University and University of ST. GALLEN

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Ultimately, “nothing but the courage and unselfishness of individuals is ever going to make any system work properly… You cannot make man good by law, and without good men you cannot have a good society” (Clive Lewis)